Sinead makes excuses not to have sex with Daniel. Ryan is scared out of his wits after reading in the Gazette that Joey Buchanan has been found dead in the canal. Kirk, Tyrone and Daniel plan a stake-out at the Red Rec to find the Manchester big cat. Geoff offers Kirk an interview at the hospital on the subject, to much derision from Ken. Kevin takes Jack to school for the first time since his amputation. Hannah doesn't think Johnny is taking the blackmail threat seriously enough. Paula convinces Sophie that she must change her statement. Sinead has her 12-week scan which reveals a healthy foetus. Ryan fears he'll be Ronan's next target and disappears. Sinead packs Daniel off home before telling the sonographer that the bleeding has persisted. Bethany goes into work early hoping that David will forgive her for covering up for Billy. David takes advantage of her eagerness by making her run errands for him. A bouquet of flowers is delivered to the Rovers for Jenny. The recipient is confused by the message on the card: "These are to help you through tomorrow". Carla helps Johnny out by pretending he has a surprise planned for Jenny. Hannah makes sure that Johnny can see Jim before texting Johnny demanding the money tomorrow or Jenny will be told the truth. Ken is angry with himself for writing trash. Daniel is shocked to receive a letter from Denise. Jack feels a like a freak at school as the other boys are only interested in his foot and his best friend ignores him. Kevin loses his rag when Jack vows not to go back. Sinead is examined by an obstetrician. Johnny is thrown by the text as he was sure that Jim was the blackmailer. Carla thinks of a way they can find out who it is. Sinead is informed that she has a lump on her cervix which could be cancerous.


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  • The flower delivery man is uncredited, despite having lines of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sinead receives some devastating news when she had attends her 12-week scan; Hannah tells Jim they need to up the stakes and place more pressure on Johnny; Geoff invites Kirk onto his radio show to talk about the big cat sightings; and Daniel gets a letter from his mum.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,506,592 viewers (6th place).
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