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An unsuspecting Sean welcomes Josh to the flat. Tim thinks Steve has a death wish and tells him that he only has the normal jitters but Steve insists that he and Tracy are not right for each other. Hope and Ruby act badly for Brian now that they no longer believe he's Santa. Oblivious as to the reason, he's upset that the rapport he felt he had with children doesn't exist. Liz checks with Steve that he didn't tell anyone about her fling with Johnny. Billy asks a puzzled Sean not to tell anyone about their visitor. Josh insists he feels remorse for his actions and asks for Billy's continued counselling. Steve's DNA test comes through which proves that Hannah is his sister. He welcomes her to the family. Celebrating his bet win, Cormac gets Ryan and Daniel to agree to a night out with him in Manchester. Adam overhears and warns Daniel that Cormac's dad is a drug baron and the lad himself is trouble. Steve's phone dies when he tries to contact Tracy. Leanne sees that he is upset and offers to listen to his woes. Evelyn tries to get reduced items even cheaper from Dev. Steve flatters Leanne and, as she fancies getting drunk herself, he invites her back to his flat to drown their respective sorrows. He tells Tim nothing bad can happen as they're just old mates. Evelyn takes control of the children by threatening them with a spanking, much to Brian and Cathy's disgust. Brian is hurt when he finds out that they thought he was Santa and that Cathy aided the deception. Johnny tells an unsurprised Carla that he slept with Liz and about the blackmail. She tells him that he should ignore the threat until he knows they have some proof. Amy is rushed to hospital with a hurt arm and Peter looks for Steve. Tim lets him into his flat with the spare key. They find Steve and Leanne in a state of undress. A disgusted Peter tells him about Amy. Sean thinks Josh would be good with Emma but Billy tells him that he's not boyfriend material. David tells Bethany that he would work for Maria if she headhunted him. Billy tells Josh that he can stay until he's found him alternative accommodation but he's to remain indoors so David doesn't see him. Josh is in tears at his condition. Amy is in X-ray with a complex fracture of her arm. Steve asks Peter for breathing space before he tells Tracy about Leanne.


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