Sally fills the Battersby sisters in on Imran's pros and cons list and his gripes about them before walking off, pleased that she's got one over on Duncan's solicitor. Peter tells Vicky Jefferies that Tyler is getting his mates to torment Simon and demands she take action. Vicky refuses to think ill of her son. Ken starts writing short fiction. Tracy "bonds" with Hannah by telling her that she also had an abusive ex - until she killed him. Hannah realises she's being threatened. Robert visits his cousin. Adam introduces Cormac to Michelle and asks if she'll take him on at the bistro. Michelle hires him to do some washing-up when he turns out to be an old school friend of Ryan's. Toyah and Leanne both go out with Imran and make out that they're willing to share him. Their keenness confuses and terrifies him. Ryan discovers that Cormac is still dealing drugs. The Rovers' pub quiz takes place. Evelyn takes over Ken and Daniel's team, installing herself as captain. Vicky sees an advert for Underworld in The Kabin window and applies. Carla takes her on in packing. Peter is livid when he finds out and tells Carla that either Vicky goes or he and his money does. Sally discovers from Imran's list that her ex-colleague Judith Fisher is acting as a witness against her. Liz is annoyed when Eileen tells Johnny Hannah's identity. At the end of the quiz, the McDonalds are last with three out of thirty and Ken's team is tied with Roy, Brian, Cathy and Geoff's. Ken is annoyed when Evelyn answers the tiebreaker on PG Wodehouse's full name incorrectly before he has a chance to say the right answer, handing victory to Roy's team. Leanne and Toyah make Imran think they're going to have a threesome before leaving him to pay the huge bill they've run up. Sally delights in telling Imran that she set him up.


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