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Sally is afraid that Gina will outstay her welcome at No.4. It's Max's birthday and David invites Summer over but Billy says they're going out to the cinema. David's card is declined at the corner shop. Roy puts Jude forward for a Good Samaritan award. Jack feels like a freak with everyone staring at him. Tyrone is stunned to be reunited with his estranged father Darren at the will reading. Shona comments to Jude that he should become a paramedic as women love a hero. The executor hands Darren a worthless ring Jackie got from a car boot sale, and gives Tyrone a box containing all of Jackie's things along with a video labelled "For Ty soz". Tyrone gives Darren the cold shoulder. Sally lures Sophie to the bistro for lunch with Paula and her daughter Isla in an attempt to matchmake the young lesbians. The group are embarrassed by Sally's heavy-handedness. Fiz borrows a video player from Roy to watch the video. David finds out that someone has been using his card to gamble on online dating sites. He thinks he's been hacked but Max confesses to using his account to enter an online football league with Aadi and Liam. Isla talks about her plan to go backpacking. Paula gives her daughter her approval when Sophie argues that it's a better way of getting over someone than brooding. Roy's VCR chews up Jackie's tape after a few seconds. Fiz traces Darren through his van hire company and invites him over, hoping that he knows what Jackie wanted to tell Tyrone. He reveals that he isn't really Tyrone's dad. David advises Dev to check his bank balance. He discovers Aadi has been taking money from him and makes him work in the shop to pay it back. Asha tells David that Summer isn't going to the cinema. Paula calls on Sophie to pick up a book on backpacking for Isla but quickly admits she's really there to see her. Darren drops a second bombshell on Tyrone - Jackie isn't his mum.


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  • Jackie Dobbs makes somewhat of a small cameo via a pre-recorded video tape that Tyrone Dobbs and Fiz Stape watch, however her face is obscured. Only her hand and part of her body are shown, and the recording cuts out before she can be fully seen, due to actress Margi Clarke not being brought back to film any new scenes.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sophie and Isla are mortified at being set up by their mums; Tyrone discovers the other beneficiary of his mum's estate is his dad, Darren; and David discovers Max has been using his bank card to fund on [sic] online football league game.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,360,000 viewers (5th place).
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