Annie is flattered by a Valentine's card that she's received and suspects it has come from Douglas Cresswell while Len thinks the sender could be Arthur Forsyth-Jones. Albert refuses to answer his front door to anyone. Ken isn't bothered, saying that one day without dinner or a drink will change his mind. Bill Gregory turns up in the Street from his home in Glasgow after an absence of eight years. Albert rejects an offer from Tommy Deakin to take away all his material goods. Annie is horrified when Alan reveals in the Rovers that she bleaches her hair. At Annie's suggestion, Minnie resolves to get Albert out of his house. Alan tells Elsie that if they'd used her cheap lacquer on Annie's hair it would have turned green. Albert refuses Minnie and Ena's entreaties. Annie, Ena and Minnie are surprised when Bill comes into the Rovers and wonder what Elsie's reaction will be. Bill tells Annie he's here to see old friends and hears that Elsie got married. Ena guesses that he's come back to specifically see Elsie. Bernard and Betty persuade Cyril to try and get Albert out, unaware that Sandra is taking food in to him and supporting his stance. Tommy tries to do a deal with Len for scrap metal. Len is surprised to see Bill and even more surprised to hear his congratulations for marrying Elsie and puts him straight. Bernard charges Albert's door and hurts his arm. Sandra overhears Cyril talking about getting Albert out and reports what she overheard to him. Annie discovers that Forsyth-Jones was not the sender of the card. Bill tells Ena he's not leaving the Street without Elsie this time.


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Albert Tatlock: "They played brass bands when we cume marching home in 1918. They promised us "Homes Fit for Heroes" to live in..."Every Man an Acre and a Cow". Well my home's just as it were, my cow never came, they've pinched me allotment and there isn't a Brass Band between here and Belle Vue worth bending your ear to."

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