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Neither Rana nor Kate can sleep with their respective family troubles, Rana is desperate to see her father, scared he might die. Kate suggests to a hurt Rana that she pretends to her mother that she's dumped her. Rana refuses. Peter and Carla are awkward with each other when they meet. Imran advertises for a secretary for the business. Gina determines to find a hotshot solicitor for Sally. Kate and Rana beg Imran to speak with Saira for them but he refuses. Carla introduces herself to the Underworld staff as their new boss. Sarah worries for her job. Carol suggests Sean pitches himself outside the hospital for better takings. Faye tells Seb that he could visit her in Durham but it's clear he's not keen. Saira meets Imran in the cafe but she refuses to listen to his pleas about Rana. She also blanks her daughter when she sees her in the street and drives off. Billy sees how upset she is and tries to comfort her. Carla tells Sarah her job is safe and gives her a small pay rise into the bargain. Referring to Peter, Michelle tells Carla she doesn't set herself any boundaries. Billy tells Rana he'll help her. Leanne is unimpressed with Peter's news and they row. Sean has to hide when Billy and Rana approach the hospital. Audrey receives a letter and hurries Gail out of the salon so she can read it - it's a visiting order from Lewis. Billy distracts Saira out of Hassan's room. Peter announces his investment to the pleased factory staff. Gina suggests Paula Martin as a solicitor to Sally. She isn't impressed as she remembers her being a snobby princess at school. Saira sees Rana trying to sneak into her father's room and physically pulls her away. Carla tells Michelle that her fears about Peter are unfounded. Rowing in the hospital corridor, Rana lies to her mother that she's split up with Kate. Gary is not best pleased when Sarah tells him that she's organised Gail to do the books at the yard but has to hide his feelings. Peter resigns from Street Cars. Gail is staggered to see that Lewis has deposited £40,000 into her bank account. Audrey visits Lewis. Saira gets Rana to swear that she's telling the truth in order that she can see her father. Rana does so, denying Kate.


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Carla Connor: "Peter knows where he stands, okay?"
Michelle Connor: "Hmm! Yeah, it's not where he stands that bothers me. It's where he flippin' well lies down."

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