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The hospital refuses to update Rana on Hassan's condition as Saira has told the doctors she's estranged from the family. Rana realises she was wrong to blame her mother. Tracy hears about Tim's Street Cars bonus from Sally. Imran asks Yasmeen to buy him out of Speed Daal as his ex-wife is taking him to the cleaners. Carla has a frustrating business meeting with Claudia and Maria as they only discuss how the salon should be furnished. Claudia curtly reminds her that she's just a sleeping partner when she tries to steer the conversation towards more financial matters. Sally enlists Seb's help to adapt No.13 for Jack's homecoming. Seb agrees to give his time freely, much to Abi's disapproval. Claire Manton reprimands Abi for asking the twins not to mention that she lost sight of Charlie. Saira is livid when Rana joins her and Imran at the hospital. Rana is allowed to attend a meeting with the consultant, strictly as an interpreter, but is prevented from seeing her father. The factory takes delivery of a DVD containing an interview Aidan gave a student after his kidney operation. The Habeebs are told that Hassan's chances of recovery are slim. Saira accuses Rana of causing her dad's stroke with her behaviour. Abi speaks up for Seb, telling Sally that he should be compensated for his hard work. Her attack makes Sally wonder whether she's only helping Jack to feel good about herself. Imran calls at the police station to meet his new client - Duncan. Tracy demands Steve buy her an engagement ring with his bonus. Carla complains to Peter about the salon. He turns the conversation around to them, suggesting that there's still a spark between them. Imran advises Duncan to confess to defrauding the mayoral charity fund. Duncan explains that it was all Sally's doing; he's just the fall guy and he can prove it.


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