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On Sunday, the Victoria Street Mission opens and Hilda decides to attend a service there. She feels afraid as Stan continues to wonder who shopped him. Piggott tells Emily his tender is £11,900. Ena plays the harmonium at the mission while Minnie invites Emily and Ernie to dinner after the service. Thanks to Ena's efforts, there is a good-sized, albeit elderly, congregation. Stan upsets the Turpins when he alleges that a policeman's job is an easy one. Len and Ray are perturbed when they attempt to wind up Piggott but he doesn't take the bait. They wonder what he's up to. Emily and Hilda are frightened by Ernie's sermon on betrayal. Piggott refuses to make a bet with Len and Ray as to who will get the contract. Elsie suggests to Stan that the person who shopped him could be a woman. Emily can't face her guilt and runs out of the meal. Albert is annoyed that he wasn't invited. Emily goes round to No.9 and confesses to Ray and Len who tear a strip off her. Ray guesses that their tender is still lower than Piggott's and Emily confirms it. Bernard and Minnie ask for Cyril's help in writing a letter to Mr Wormold to ask for repairs. Depressed with his treatment by people, Albert is taken with Bernard's idea of dropping out of society like hippies. Betty guesses what Hilda did and advises her to make a full confession. Len makes a phone call about the tender. In the Rovers, Len, Ray and Piggott toast to the tender although Len and Ray don't let on they know what Piggott is up to, worrying Emily further.


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Ena Sharples: "It’s folk with your attitude that start world wars."
Minnie Caldwell: "And its folks with yours that provoke them!"

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