Seb and Emma search for Abi. Rana rushes to her dad's side at the hospital but Saira prevents her from seeing him. She discovers he's had a stroke. The Connors sign the papers and become the new owners of the Rovers. Jenny is excited at the thought of becoming landlady. Steve confesses to Tracy that Abi heard him badmouth her. Feeling partly responsible for her predicament, he joins the search party. Claire Manton asks Eileen to tell Abi not to lose faith and that the twins just need time. Gemma gets her job back at the kebab shop but on fewer hours than before. Johnny decides that having Liz working at the Rovers is too risky and tells Jenny she'll have to go as they're overstaffed. Geoff agrees to host a fundraiser for Jack at Speed Daal. Yasmeen isn't keen as she'll have Sally breathing down her neck. Steve sees Abi leaving the tram station and confiscates a bag of heroin from her before she takes any. Abi thinks there's no point in staying clean now that she's lost the twins for good. Steve tells her otherwise and shows that he understands what it means to lose a child by telling her about Ruairi. Johnny asks Liz to resign from the Rovers in a few weeks' time; it'd look suspicious if she left now. Liz refuses to do him any favours. Imran tells Rana that Hassan seemed off at the party. Rana believes he had the stroke earlier than assumed and that she'd have recognised the symptoms if she'd been at the party. She holds Saira responsible for his condition. Gemma and Henry find out who beat them to buying the Rovers. Jenny has just pulled her first pint in 25 years when Gemma bursts in and accuses her of stabbing her in the back. Steve makes Abi laugh to lift her spirits. Abi leans in and kisses him. They're interrupted by an oblivious Tracy.


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