Sarah and Beth can't understand why Bethany let Kayla off with what she did. Bethany thinks she's suffered enough by having her faith in her dad destroyed. Craig feels better after seeing his therapist. The police arrest Johnny moments after as he's discharged from hospital. Eva isn't bothered about seeing the Tile Street flat. Audrey and Maria are at loggerheads again. Naila Badal interviews Summer when she's nominated for a Good Samaritan Award for her Speak & Save campaign. Billy is proud of her but doesn't think he deserves the praise she heaps on him. Johnny accepts that he took Susie without Eva's permission. He says he made a mistake and was only trying to protect what he has left after Aidan's death. Carla gets at Eva over Johnny's arrest, accusing her of plotting for him to die in prison. Tyrone and Fiz set off for Jackie's funeral. Maria is thrilled to learn that her new salon is much bigger than Audrey's. Claudia presses her for a downpayment on the franchise. Leanne and Toyah pack to leave the Rovers. Eva sees Toyah put one of Susie's hats in her handbag as a keepsake. Kayla meets Bethany at Speed Daal, at Bethany's request. Bethany makes a suggestion which will help her come to terms with recent events. Peter thinks Adam is heading for heartbreak over Eva and warns him not to make the same mistake he did with Toyah. Eva goes to the police station and withdraws her complaint against Johnny. The Connors are stunned but grateful. Kevin is sad as he watches Jack climb into his wheelchair though Jack is upbeat. Lily knocks David's jacket over and finds a flick knife in the pocket. Bethany takes Kayla to see Neil in hospital to hear the truth from him; only then can she start to move past it. Eva blanks Johnny when he returns to the Street and avoids Toyah outside the Rovers. Shona finds Lily playing with the knife and confiscates it. Bethany gives Kayla the strength to confront Neil. He realises she's turned against him when he sees Bethany through the window. Eva feels Toyah is still too attached to Susie and shares her concerns with Adam. With Johnny back home as well, she announces she's leaving Weatherfield as soon as possible for Susie's sake.


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