Sandra wanders round the salon with a long face, upset by Audrey's comments. Hilda is late for her cleaning there, saying she can't sleep without Stan by her side. While she frets about him, Stan tells Jack that he likes the hours as he can drink all day. Annie tells Alan that she's decided to patronise his salon, even though it is in a humble environment. Piggott measures up the camera shop for the required changes. Ernie sees that Emily is a bundle of nerves in Piggott's presence. Ena catches a reluctant Emily and Piggott talking conspiratorially. Sandra seeks assurance from Audrey that Ray is with her for more than his care but Audrey refuses. Sandra realises Audrey's in love with him too. Emily tells Len she'll work on the final estimates but he tells her that they don't need her assistance on the matter any more. The feeling is returning to the lower part of Ray's legs. Although he is delighted, Audrey breaks down as he'll no longer need her. Piggott refuses to accept Emily's excuses that she can't help him any more and tells her to find a way. Ernie sees something is wrong with her. He asks her to come into partnership with him. Feeling guilty, she tells him that she'll let him know. Sandra tells an annoyed Ray what Audrey said. Stan assures Hilda that he likes his job. Val invites Alan for dinner with her and Ken. Ray is cold towards Audrey. Emily fails again to get Len to agree to let her help with the final figures. Alan enjoys the meal. Ray visits Dickie and tells him what Audrey said. Ernie and Ena suspect something is wrong with Emily and Ena is certain that Piggott lies behind it. Len tells Hilda that he has seen Stan spending his nights at a working men's club instead of being at the bakery. Piggott tells a suspicious Ernie that the compliant Emily will make a grand partner for him.


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