Stacey confirms that the £40,000 has been transferred into Duncan's account. Kayla sends Craig home to meditate, promising to join him later. Arriving home, Rana and Kate smell the gas and switch off the hob. Roy sees that Toyah is troubled and gives her a sticky bun on the house. He's incredulous at her claim that Peter and Carla are back together. Audrey affixes a poster offering half-price haircuts at the salon to Maria's front door, claiming it's her right as her landlord. Maria responds by giving her notice to move out. Audrey gives her two weeks to vacate the flat. Craig doesn't know how the hob was left on as he checked all the sockets and switches before he left. Kevin returns home and becomes emotional at the sight of Jack's football boots. Eva fears the Connors will win custody of Susie as she doesn't have their money or stability. Craig stresses over the likelihood that he left the gas on. Kayla offers to keep an eye on him for Kate and Rana. Jeanette, the council's head of finance, investigates the stolen money and questions Sally. Sally explains that she bent the rules as she felt sorry for Duncan. She realises that Duncan must have known that her mother died of a stroke and used it against her. Roy quizzes Carla about her relationship with Peter. Carla tells him not to worry. Jeanette is obliged to report the fraud to the police and advises Sally to resign to avoid a scandal. Sally is cooperative but Tim sticks up for her, saying she was only trying to make a difference and her staff failed in their duty to protect her. Brian thinks about relaunching himself as an ideas guru. Chesney discovers that Gemma's plans were with Rita. Cathy and Brian think he has a crush on Gemma and is jealous of her seeing other men. Sally feels she should face the consequence of her actions and goes to the police station to hand herself in. Tim stops her and makes her see that it's enough to resign and pay the money back. Peter gives Johnny Susie's birth certificate, which lists her parents as him and Jacqui Ainsworth. Johnny is delighted to have proof that Eva disowned her daughter.


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