Duncan tells Sally he's found a deal on equipment for the rehabilitation centre and needs the grant money today. Sally promises to do what she can. Brian interests Sally with his suggestion of holding a fundraiser for Jack. Carla decides to enlist Peter's help in the custody battle. Maria shows Audrey that she means business by trying to poach Emma from her. Emma turns her down. Craig is on cloud nine after having sex with Kayla. Steve goes along with Tim to Duncan's charity's office in Neptune House to see if it checks out. Sally pulls rank and has the charity funds fast-tracked, by-passing the usual checks. Henry Newton tries to get in touch with Gemma. Gemma thinks Chesney is becoming a tyrant when he refuses to let her swap her evening shift with Cathy to go out on the town. Kayla steals Craig's keys while they're having lunch at the bistro. Carla tries to elicit Peter's sympathy, telling him that Johnny will have an uphill battle getting custody of Susie as he can't prove that Eva gave her away. Toyah is upset to see them talking intimately. Kayla goes back to the flat alone and switches on the hob. Maria attaches a poster to her door advertising "A Cut Above the Rest", only to have it immediately torn up by Audrey. Henry arrives to see Gemma but she tells him to do one. Sally, Sophie, Geoff, Yasmeen, Tyrone, Brian, Cathy, Chesney and Gemma meet at No.4 pitch fundraising ideas. Tim and Steve try to break the locked office door down by following instructions on the internet but succeed only in hurting themselves. Peter goes through to the Rovers back room and pretends he's looking for his driving licence when Toyah catches him there. Toyah is more bothered about whether he's back with Carla and assumes he is when he doesn't deny the allegation. Tim batters the door down with a fire extinguisher and he and Steve find the office has been cleared out. Sally smells a rat when a member of her team, Stacey, gives her paperwork to sign revealing that the money went into Duncan's personal account. Kate and Rana arrive home but get stuck talking to Brian outside while the flat fills with gas. Stacey tries to trace Duncan and discovers that his company folded months ago. Sally realises she's been conned.


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