Stan starts at the bakery as a nightwatchman. Hilda confesses to Ernie that she's missing him at night. Willie Piggott asks Emily to tell him how much Len's tender is for the student hostel job but she refuses outright. He threatens to refuse to renew the Camera Shop lease and evict Ena unless she co-operates. She keeps the blackmail threat from Ernie. Ray has too much work on to look over the tender and Len suggests that he gets Emily to assist him. Hilda has the house curtains closed to try and keep Stan's body clock in sync. Maggie confesses to Elsie and Len that she misses Les's company. Annie has to clean the Rovers when Hilda works at the salon instead, although she’s late turning up there as well. In front of Piggott, Ray asks Emily to go over the tender figures for them but she refuses. Audrey thinks Sandra isn't looking after Ray properly. Hilda yells at the coalman for making too much noise, waking Stan in the process as he tries to catch up on his sleep. Ernie tells a guilt-ridden Emily about his ambitions to expand the business. Piggott rings Emily, ascertaining that Audrey also works at the yard. Hilda yells at Annie in the street when they argue about her not turning up for work, waking Stan up again. Emily overhears Ena saying how much she enjoys living in her flat. As Hilda yells at two boys for playing football with a tin can in the street, Len tells her that Stan's turned up at the yard, determined to sleep there instead. Audrey tells Sandra that Ray is only with her because he's in a wheelchair. Stuart Coates returns and Elsie buys a load of cheap "feather-light lacquer" hairsprays off him because she feels sorry for him. Ray asks Len if his heart is really in getting the contract, saying he'll never graft unless he has encouragement. Under Piggott's watchful eye, a reluctant Emily phones Len and agrees to help with the tender.


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