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Flora regains consciousness. Daniel calls the police when she says she was attacked. Steve tells Mike that customers have been complaining about his unprofessional behaviour. Mike realises he's about to be sacked and resigns first, bitterly wishing Johnny a happy life with Liz as he walks out. Flora tries to protect Simon by telling the police there was only one attacker but under further questioning she admits that Simon was the other one. Beth finds Sarah in the factory waiting for the Bradshaw's order to come through. Craig and Kayla wait for Beth and Kirk at the flat but neither turns up. Mike tells Liz that Steve and Johnny conspired to sack him before leaving the street. Beth makes Kirk distract Sarah while she uses the office computer. Kirk pretends to have mixed up some orders to get Sarah out of the office. Flora discovers that her mother's engagement ring wasn't stolen and gives it to Daniel to propose to Sinead. Daniel does so and she immediately accepts. Ken and Peter are ashamed when the police arrive at No.1 and arrest Simon. At the police station, Simon refuses to answer any questions, maintaining that he disturbed the intruder. Peter suspects it was Tyler and tells the police all about him. Simon covers for his mate until Peter points out that he ran away leaving Simon to suffer the consequences. Simon names Tyler as having robbed the flat and the cafe. Beth finds the Bradshaw's contract on the office computer and changes the quantity from 1,000 units to 4,000 on Carla's orders; Carla wants to stretch Alya to breaking point. Daniel and Sinead announce their engagement to the Barlows. The news makes Tracy feel insecure about her own relationship. When Steve moans that it would take a proposal to prove that he loves her, Tracy pounces on the comment and agrees to marry him. He doesn't have the heart to turn her down. Jack grazes his knee while playing football with Sophie. Craig is annoyed that Beth didn't make any effort for Kayla. Seb tells Faye he has a date with another girl. She pretends she doesn't mind. The Barlows celebrate the double engagement. Alya is unfazed by the tight deadline for the Bradshaw's order. Peter offers Simon a clean break and says he's proud of him. Tyler shows up after being charged and threatens to hurt Simon.


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