Len tells Alan that he worries about the age difference between himself and Anita but Alan advises him to put that aside. Len proposes to a delighted Anita and asks for an invite to see her parents. Audrey starts to lay down the law on housekeeping to Ray and Dickie. Alan has plans to take Elsie to his garage in Ashton where he's souping up a car for a rally drive. Audrey boasts to Emily about how she's keeping the men in line. Anita takes great delight in telling Maggie about the proposal. Ray assures Bernard that his feelings for Sandra are genuine. Ray can move the toes on his right foot. Audrey tells Dickie she's only joking about the increase in housework and they decide to make Ray carrying on doing his bit. Len admits to Ray that he has doubts about the proposal and is told that the two of them are incompatible. The Flemings tell Ray that Emily is returning to be his private nurse. When he begs Audrey not to let her, she tells him it's a joke on him. Len is annoyed when Jack tells him that Stan went to school with Anita's father. Emily shows off her photographic efforts to an unimpressed Jack and Annie. Len tells Anita that he's not ready for marriage. It wouldn't work between them and it would be his fault. She tells him they'd better not see each other again as she's only interested in marriage and walks out on him. Bernard is embarrassed when he interrupts Alan and Elsie together. Ena tells Maggie to look to the future. Almost immediately afterwards, Len tells her that the engagement is off but worries about what people will say. Emily hears the Camera Shop's landlord is coming to see her. Annie warns her that it's Willie Piggott and tells her of the trouble he caused last time he was around.


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Notable dialogue

Ena Sharples: "There's more to wedded bliss than a flashing smile."


Len Fairclough (after a glare from Ena): "If looks were daggers, I'd be a pin cushion."

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