Audrey thanks Roy for taking trouble over Gail. She tells him about the seance meeting that she's attending. Roy is aghast and, angry that Rosemary has sullied Hayley's memory, he is determined to expose her. He tells Brian and Cathy that he is also attending the seance. Beth is puzzled as to why the nice clothes that Sharon gave to Kirk are not those typically worn by an older man. Rosie exults over her positive internet press coverage. Nicola wants to be discharged but Eileen tells her to relax and that Zack is being well-looked after. She also advises her not to make any rash decisions about excluding Gary from the baby's life but Nicola is determined to leave the area. A nervous Kirk meets Sharon, prior to a shopping trip to Manchester. Eileen is perturbed to be asked by the police to identify Phelan's body. Liz is determined to go with her and volunteers a reluctant Steve to look after Zack. Cathy joins Roy on his trip to the seance and he tells her what he wants her to do to help him expose Rosemary. At the church hall, Gail demands to know why Roy is there and he pretends that he is less sceptical than before. Audrey guesses that he is up to something. The seance meeting begins with Gail eager for a message from Richard Hillman. An excited Sally passes on a message to Rosie that This Morning want to interview her, Gemma and Craig. Rosie can't understand why they are interested in the other two. Roy has had enough of people falling for Rosemary's patter and starts to explore the church hall. Tim is down that he won't see Faye as often. He lets slip to Gary that Steve has Zack at Street Cars. Roy searches Rosemary's dressing room but is caught by the caretaker. Gary persuades Steve to let him be with Zack for a few moments. Roy is thrown out of a back door at the hall. he finds Lewis in his car giving Rosemary instructions as to what to say over a walkie-talkie and confronts him.


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