Sarah has no choice but to make the call when Phelan threatens to shoot Gary. She buys time by phoning Tim instead and faking the call. Kevin answers Tim's phone at the Rovers and doesn't think anything of it. Steve gets the blame for wrecking the wedding and Michelle demands he fix it. Josh replies "no comment" to all of the police's questions. He's released without charge when the police fail to find any GHB at his house. David sits Gail and Audrey down and tells them he was raped. Steve knows he'll never catch up with Robert and so Tim gets Geoff to put Michelle on Weatherfield FM, hoping that Robert is tuned into the station. Phelan gets suspicious when Nicola doesn't turn up and makes Sarah admit her deception. Leaving them tied up in the storeroom, he takes his gun and heads for No.11. Nicola is shocked to answer the door to him. Phelan demands to see his grandson and forces his way in. Nicola stands up to him, telling him she named Zack after her real dad. Seb hovers on the landing, waiting for the right moment to pounce. Phelan turns on Eileen when she asks how he survived the fall. He tells her was only with her for cover and that touching her made him feel sick. Sarah manages to free herself and releases Gary however Phelan has locked them in. Robert hears Michelle's message as he's leaving Manchester. She explains that Steve kissed her out of nowhere and it's him she loves. Rosie, Gemma and Olivia stock up on icing sugar to pass off as Antoine's cocaine, planning to plant the real drugs on Antoine. Nicola tells Phelan he'll have to kill her to get to Zack. Phelan is unfazed; she's expendable now that he has a grandson. He likens himself to King Herod, who murdered Zechariah when he refused to surrender his son to be sacrificed. Michelle has almost given up hope on Robert when he arrives at the bistro, ready to marry her. Gail and Audrey are upset for David when he tells them he understands why Aidan felt he couldn't go on. Gary and Sarah are let out of the storeroom by Gary's accomplice - Anna. Seb jumps Phelan leading Eileen and Nicola to attempt to seize the gun. Gary, Sarah and Anna hear a shot ring out from No.11.


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