Kevin looks for Jack. Michelle thinks Steve plotted to wreck her wedding and slaps him when he makes a joke about Robert's cancer. She says she's glad he cheated on her as she's now with a man she's proud to call her husband. Sarah suspects Gary secretly plans to kill Phelan. To make him see what a dangerous game he's playing, she confesses that Kylie killed Callum in front of her. Jack agrees to free Phelan in exchange for £10. Nicola and Eileen bring Zack home to No.11. Gary reveals a secret to Sarah and asks her to trust him. Rosie makes Olivia Radfield open the bag Antoine entrusted her with and they find cocaine inside. Gary and Sarah return to the yard before Jack can release Phelan and pay him to keep quiet. At David's request, Shona tells Alya about the rape. Unconvinced, Alya asks her how she knows David isn't lying to cover up his sexuality - it's more plausible than Josh being a rapist. Flora answers Daniel's phone when the care home rings and tells them that the old woman he's enquiring about has died. Ali gets annoyed when Ryan makes a crack about him and Carla. Gary picks up a plank of wood and threatens to lamp Phelan with it. Instead he kicks him, knocking the chair over. Olivia joins forces with Rosie and Gemma as they work out how to deal with Antoine. Rosie gets an idea when Olivia drops a bag of sugar. As Gary is goaded by Phelan, Sarah urges him to consider his son, thus revealing to Phelan that Nicola has given birth. Daniel puts the care home right about Flora but her place has already gone. Thinking Michelle has betrayed him, Robert goes to stay with Zeedan. Daniel sees him set off and asks what's going on. Robert tells him to ask Steve. David realises he'll have to make sure people hear his version of events before Josh's. Phelan works himself free from his bonds and hits Gary with the chair while he's arguing with Sarah. With the wedding due to begin, Daniel breaks the news to Michelle that Robert has done a runner. Phelan recovers his gun from the office and orders Sarah to phone Nicola and tell her to bring Zack over.


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