It's Michelle and Robert's wedding day. Tim drags Faye to hospital to make amends with Eileen and Nicola. Robert and Daniel are unimpressed to find Tracy crashed out in the flat. She informs them that Ryan got drunk and disappeared. Johnny tells Michelle he's not coming to the wedding. Joe abandons Gary when he sees the baseball bat and realises he's planning on violence. Rosie is intent not to let Antoine stop her going to the fashion shoot. Alya tells Shona that she's finished with Josh and he's leaving the area. Eileen fills in Nicola on the identity of her stalker. David tells Emma to move out of No.8 as he's back with Shona. She seems to take it well but cries once his back is turned. Dec Lonsdale goes to see David at the salon but loses his nerve and runs off without his jacket. David catches him outside and is thrown when he reveals that he was also raped by Josh. Gary attacks Phelan in his caravan. Phelan gains the upper hand but Joe appears from behind and knocks him out with a rock before he can throttle Gary. David is dismayed that Dec would rather forget all about Josh and asks him to stop Shona from bothering him. Josh sees the pair together. Robert gets a text from Ryan and goes off with Daniel to fetch him. Faye apologises to Eileen and Nicola and they agree to draw a line under it. David hears Johnny pouring his heart out to Peter in the Rovers, saying how he wishes Aidan had told someone what he was going through. Michelle announces she's keeping her surname as the bridal party get their hair done by Maria. The news about Johnny and Ryan convinces Michelle that the wedding should have been postponed. Robert and Daniel pick Ryan up at a house where he spent the night with a woman. They're interrupted by her husband, who thumps Robert when Ryan identifies him as the other man. David decides to report Josh to the police before he moves away. Gary pays Joe off after they tie up and gag an unconscious Phelan in the yard storeroom. Gary is caught there by Sarah, who demands an explanation.


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