Nicola gets more messages from her mum's chatroom correspondent, annoying a suspicious Gary. Eileen lets slip in front of Faye that she will be alone in the house after 12.30pm. David asks Shona to move back in, saying he really needs her. He will ask Emma to leave. Fiz has had a night out with Kim Vaughan who spent the night on the sofa. Ryan reaquaints himself with Tracy, trying to blag free flowers for Michelle. He tells Steve that the theme for Robert's stag do is pop stars and invites him. Tracy decides to crash it. Rosie's annoyed when she hears that there's a fashion shoot taking place at Underworld but her agent hasn't put her forward for it. Gemma decides to help her. Michelle asks Ryan to keep an eye on Robert at the party but doesn't reveal about his heart attack. The girls plan a quieter hen party. Robert is dressed as Freddie Mercury, Daniel as Jarvis Cocker, Steve comes as Boy George and Ali as Noel Gallagher, creating tension with Ryan who is Liam Gallagher. Phelan tells caravan park owner Bryn Evanson that he can't do more maintainence work for him as he has other things he has to do. Josh drips poison in Max's ear, suggesting that David doesn't love him as much as Lily because he't not his real son. Bored with Monopoly, Michelle and Carla put on their own fancy dress. Gemma and Rosie gatecrash the preparations for the fashion shoot where Gemma persuades them to include her "client". Rosie is dismayed to see ex-boyfriend Antoine Reese's name on the callsheet. Nicola gives up work early, determined to have a hot bath to ease her back pain. Gary rings holiday places in Abergele, trying to trace Phelan. Daniel agrees to be Robert's best man in return for a pay rise. Ali is perturbed to see Ryan plying Robert with drink. Faye sneaks into No.13 through the back. David hears what Josh told Max. A contact of Gary traces Phelan. Nicola hears a noise upstairs and falls down the stairs in a panic as bangers explode in the communal loft. The noise alerts Fiz and Cathy. Fiz sees Nicola unconscious through the letterbox. She summons Eileen. Hope tells Tyrone that a man stayed overight and lets slip that she's been spying on him for Fiz. David finds Josh in the cafe and goes for him. An ambulance is called and Faye is shocked that Nicola is injured.


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Notable dialogue

Gemma Winter: "What is it you always tell me when I'm down?"
Rosie Webster: "Get wasted on vodka?"
Gemma Winter: "No! Never give up!"

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