Faye watches the smashed window in No.11 being replaced and suggests to Eileen and Nicola that Phelan may still be alive. Abi gives Tyrone a playful kiss, as an observant Hope watches on. It's the day of David's sentencing after his guilty plea and Sarah worries what Gary will say in his victim impact statement. Ringing from the prison, David admits to Shona that he's scared of what will happen but reminds her not to pursue her enquiries about Josh. Imran and Yasmeen implore Zeedan not to throw the towel in just as Speed Daal is taking off but he doesn't listen to their pleas. Robert arrives back home and is ordered to rest by Michelle. Not knowing about the heart attack, Ali calls and observes that he doesn't look well. Ali has a placement interview at Weatherfield General later on and Michelle offers to take him. Imran tells Shona it's too late to present any mitigating circumstances for David but she's determined to press ahead. Claire, an old friend of Josh's, tells him that Shona has been making enquiries at Gym Terminal about him. Alya wonders why Shona's so obsessed with him. Rana worries that by leaving Zeedan will make himself look guilty in the eyes of the police. Robert questions Zeedan to find out if his pressures are really so great that he needs to move away. Shona fakes a car breakdown to get Dec Lonsdale to call out on her. He slips up and admits that he was the one who had the fight with Josh and she suddenly realises that Josh raped him as well. Almost in tears, Dec refuses to help her, even when she tells him about David's plight. Eileen and Seb visit DS Willets who tells them about the false leads to find Phelan, including a supposed appearance in Abergele, but they are convinced he is dead. Ali looks up Robert's medical records and is surprised at what he reads. Nicola is in a mums-to-be chat group, not realising that one of the others in the group is Phelan, currently staying in a caravan in Abergele. Hope tells Fiz about Abi kissing Tyrone. David's case begins. Alya sees Josh and Shona arguing. Josh warns Shona that David is going to be jailed and he'd better toughen up. Rana asks Zeedan not to go but he dismisses her entreaty, even though he admits he still loves her. On the stand, Gary surprises everyone when he refuses to give his statement, saying he doesn’t believe David meant him serious harm and he has PTSD after seeing Kylie murdered.


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  • The clerk of the court is uncredited although he has a line of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Shona dupes Josh's old work colleague, Dec, into meeting up; Imran and Yasmeen implore Zeedan not to give up just as the business is taking off; and noting the smashed window at no 11, Faye suggests that Phelan is still alive.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,895,000 viewers (3rd place).
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