Eileen's on edge as the crank calls continue. Seb tries to reassure her. Abi starts work at the garage. She and her fellow workers see Robert going full-tilt on a punch bag. Fiz feels a stab of jealousy when she sees the easy rapport between Tyrone and Abi. Zeedan, Rana and Kate are nervous about Phil Warriner's condition. Rana promises to find out what she can at the hospital. Returning home from shopping, Eileen finds three men taking her belongings out from the house. Ringing their boss, they're told that someone called Pat booked them and handed them a key. Alya again demands her flat deposit back from Eileen and also makes things up with Zeedan. Shona rings Waltham & Son Garage, chasing up the man who Josh had a fight with. Eileen, Seb and Nicola wonder who is behind the calls and the prank clearance but they rule Phelan out. Michelle speaks to Ryan in Ibiza who confirms he'll be at the wedding. Robert advises her to tell Ali that Ryan will be at the event, refusing to take on the task himself. A shocked Fiz finds out from Sally that Abi is an ex-heroin addict. Tim thinks Eileen's caller is after Phelan and getting at him through her. Someone watches from afar as she leaves the cab office. Billy thinks about joining a gym and, with her own motives in mind, Shona suggests that he asks Josh to recommend one. Michelle speaks to Ali who says he is fine about Ryan coming to the wedding. Shona finds out that Josh recommended several gyms but put Billy off one specific one named Gym Terminal. Tim is sent on a prank fare to a mortuary and Eileen realises she is being targeted at work too. PC Saunders quizzes Steve about finding Phil. Rana finds out that Phil is fine but she, Kate and Zeedan are unnerved when they see PC Saunders leaving Steve's flat. Fiz intervenes when she sees Abi chatting to the girls. As Michelle and Robert get ready for a night out, he suddenly collapses with chest pains. Michelle rings an ambulance. Eileen finds herself locked in the cab office and is horrified when she hears Phelan's voice on her phone, saying her name repeatedly. Steve lets her out and he rings the police. Fiz and Tyrone row when she voices her fears about Abi to him. PC Carson interviews Eileen about the calls. At the hospital, the Doctor suspects that Robert brought on his heart attack through steroid use. He admits to having previously had palpitations. The police trace Zeedan, Kate and Rana through CCTV in the bar. PC Carson hears the out-dated answering message in Pat's voice at No.11 in which he specifically names Eileen and she suspects that someone has lifted it from the recording to get at her. Eileen wonders who could hate her that much. Michelle rants at Robert for hiding his condition and other secrets from her. He admits that he needs help with his anxieties. She tells him she's giving one last chance. Eileen accuses Alya of being behind the calls but Yasmeen provides an alibi for her granddaughter. Michelle hides Robert's condition from Ali. Eileen returns home to find that someone has thrown a brick through her back window. PC Saunders speaks to Kate and Rana about Phil but they have an agreed story ready. They hear that Phil has given a vague description of an Asian male as his attacker. About to have a night out with Izzy, Fiz is put off when she sees Tyrone and Abi chatting at the Rovers' bar. Shona visits David and tells him she visited the gym but found nothing out about Josh. David expects the worst at his sentencing tomorrow. Imran is pleased at the favourable review of Speed Daal in the Gazette. Izzy is appalled when Fiz asks Hope to report back to her on what Abi says. Hearing the police are looking for him, Zeedan stuns the family when he says he's packing the restaurant in and leaving for good. Eileen gets another call but doesn't answer it. A figure stands in the ginnel on their mobile - it is Faye.


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