Sandra tears a strip off Bernard for supposedly getting Ray into trouble. Ena is pleased that the escapade has put a grin back on Ray's face but upsets him with gossip about him and Sandra. Hilda rows with Annie when she asks for an adjustment to her hours. Anita admits to Len that she's jealous of Maggie. Feeling guilty about what she did, Elsie persuades Alan to take a grateful Hilda on as cleaner at the salon. A worried Bernard calls on Cyril who, after some ribbing, tells him he won't be sent to prison. Annie still won't adjust Hilda's hours to suit her new job. Emily worries that Sandra is getting too close to Ray who is adamant he won't get serious until he's fully recovered. She sets up a supper for the two of them. Alan, Elsie, Len and Anita have a date together at a posh restaurant. Anita asks Elsie why she and Len never married and is told that there was never enough to get them from romance to the marriage stage. Anita admits she loves Len and Elsie tells her that she hopes that Len will settle with her. Annie has no choice but to give in to Hilda's demands, much to Ena's amusement. Len tells Anita that Maggie is just a friend. Elsie asks Alan if he ever hears from his ex-wife and is told no. Ray asks Sandra if she would take him on and marry him in his disabled condition. She tells him yes and kisses him. Back home at No.11, Alan and Elsie also kiss passionately.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Bernard's little deception comes to an end and something big begins.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,200,000 homes (2nd place).
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