Johnny spends the night on Liz's sofa to get peace from Jenny. Jenny is worried sick, not knowing where he is. Tyrone shocks Kevin by being more excited about tomorrow's Royal Wedding than the Cup Final. Kate organises a trip into town with Rana, Sophie and Gemma to take her mind off Aidan. Eileen arrives home after staying with Julie. Zeedan and Rana do an interview to promote the restaurant. Liz learns from Dr Gaddas that Ali fought for the placement at the medical centre, contradicting what he told Michelle. Ali denies it had anything to do with his mum. Rana feels uncomfortable when Zeedan makes out that Speed Daal is a family business, telling the journalist that they built it up together. She reminds Zeedan that she's with Kate now. Steve drags a reluctant Eileen out to the Rovers. Certain that Kate and Sophie are having an affair, Zeedan follows them into town and photographs them together in a bar. Rana catches him in the act when she and Gemma arrive to meet them. Furious, she tells Zeedan that she wants a divorce. Kevin and Tyrone interview for a new mechanic. They're surprised when "A Franklin" turns out to be Abi, having expected a man. Carla finds Johnny drinking alone at the Rovers and forces him to clean himself up in time for Summer's 'Speak & Save' fundraiser at the cafe. Gemma is chatted up by Phil Warriner but turns him down flat. Alya moves out of the builder's flat and demands her £750 deposit back from Eileen or she'll take her to court. Tyrone makes it obvious to Abi that she doesn't stand a chance. Alya urges Zeedan to move on and slaps him when he criticises her for replacing Luke so soon. Roy hosts the fundraiser for Aidan at the cafe. Jenny is relieved when Carla arrives with Johnny in tow. Johnny can't stand everyone going on about Aidan and walks out when Billy asks him to say a few words. Phil sits down at the girls' table after Gemma leaves, fancying his chances with Kate. Kate tells him to do one but he thinks she's playing hard to get and turns nasty.


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