Johnny drowns his sorrows. Sinead doesn't buy Flora's dotty old woman act and plots to move in with Daniel once she leaves the flat. Carla, Jenny and Michelle show Adam the will and demand that he find a loophole to keep the factory out of Alya's hands. Shona sneaks into the garage and looks at Josh's CV. Johnny admits to Liz that he feels worse now that he knows Aidan was planning his suicide for months; he was so wrapped up with his own affairs that he didn't notice how much pain his son was in. Zeedan refuses to believe that Rana is gay until she says it aloud. The Gazette doesn't publish Daniel's article about Flora's care home as it's not interesting enough. Sinead is disappointed as it means Flora will be around longer. Kate apologises to Sophie on Johnny's behalf. Trying to keep her on side, Carla apologises to Alya for being a cow. Shona goes to a garage where Josh used to work in Bolton and hears from a former colleague that Josh was sacked for fighting with a customer. Jenny tells Johnny about Summer's helpline scheme. Johnny is offended by her remark that Aidan won't have died for nothing if it saves one person's life. Kate is hurt that Aidan seems to have said goodbye to everyone except her. She's comforted when Sophie suggests it would have been too painful for him. Zeedan sees the pair hugging. Leanne offers to help Yasmeen make Zeedan see sense over Rana. Geoff takes Yasmeen out to Manchester to see a Joy Division tribute act. Johnny loses it with Jenny, sick of her acting like she's an authority on grief. Robert passes on Ali's notion of a small wedding to Michelle, who approves of the idea. Flora starts taking liberties at the flat and warns Sinead that she has the measure of her, having heard from Adam how she played Daniel off against Chesney. Jenny tries to show Johnny see how cruel his comments were, reminding him that she lost Tom. Johnny thinks a suicide is different and demands she stop pretending to give a toss about Aidan.


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