Michelle hides the will from Carla. They find another letter, addressed to Johnny, which contains a postmark. Jack gets onto a football team, the Weatherfield Chargers. The dancing man mysteriously deflates. Alya doesn't think Carla should be making decisions at the factory but Josh advises her to suck it up. Sophie takes Johnny's accusation hard and is looked after by Rosie. Billy gets Summer to show him the websites she's been looking at. Flora takes an instant dislike to Sinead despite the girl doing nothing to earn it. Carla and Michelle gather the Connors at Johnny's flat where Johnny reads the letter from Aidan. It simply reads "I'm sorry. So sorry". They realise that Aidan must have posted the letter and then retrieved it from the postman before Johnny saw it. Kate remembers him doing so months ago. Johnny looks at the postmark and discovers it was posted in February, just after Carla told the family about her kidney failure. Alya asks Josh why Shona is constantly throwing daggers at them. He tells her she blames him for her and David's split. Alya decides to move out of the flat. Johnny thanks Carla for giving Aidan a reason to keep going. Shona visits David and reveals that her STI test was negative. He refuses to let her explain his circumstances to Imran and is angry that she spoke to Josh as it means he's back in control. Tyrone fixes the dancing man and, believing that it was damaged deliberately, sets out to find the culprit. Flora continues to pick on Sinead, repeatedly calling her "Chanelle" and accusing her of poisoning her water. Billy likens his problems to Aidan's, explaining to Summer that men find it hard to ask for help. Adam opens up to Flora when she asks about his day, confessing that he feels responsible for Aidan's suicide. Shona lets Alya think she's right about why she doesn't like Josh. Having kept the will to herself all day, Michelle shows it to Robert. Dated before Carla gave Aidan her share of the factory, it leaves all of Aidan's Underworld shares to Alya.


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