Adam reaches his tipping point with Flora when she drinks his apple juice. He orders Daniel to get rid of her. Billy and Summer haven't been communicating much as she spends all her time on her laptop. Gail hints to Emma that it's time for her to move out of No.8. Emma gets the wrong end of the stick and offers to start paying rent. Billy looks at Summer's internet history and finds out she's been on support sites for people who have lost loved ones through suicide. Michelle and Robert postpone their wedding out of respect. Shona goes for her STI test. Daniel is determined to make the living arrangements at the flat work and invites Sinead over for tea to meet Flora. Alya is annoyed when Carla changes an order without consulting anyone. Sophie confides in Rosie that Aidan texted her on the night of Johnny and Jenny's party asking why she wasn't there and she never replied. She feels guilty that she wasn't there for him at such a crucial time. Johnny and Jenny search Aidan's flat for something to help Johnny understand his son's decision to take his own life. When he sees the spot where he found Aidan, Johnny has a panic attack and has to be removed. Tyrone sets up a wind-powered dancing man to advertise the garage. Adam is snappy towards Rosie at the solicitors' office. Robert tells Ali about Aidan's death so that Michelle doesn't have to. Shona asks Imran if David's chances of going to prison will be lowered if there are extenuating circumstances. He presses her for more information but Shona leaves without telling him. David defensively shoves Paul Foreman against the wall when he gently wakes him up. Sophie shows Johnny the text. Johnny is furious that she didn't reply and blames her for Aidan's death. He then has a go at Jenny for mithering him. Carla and Michelle take over the search of Aidan's flat, looking for a photo for the funeral. Michelle comes across Aidan's will and is surprised by what it says.


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