David lies in bed contemplating the day in court that lies ahead. Johnny and Carla see the staff waiting outside the locked factory, waiting to be let in. Annoyed, Johnny goes to fetch his son. Gail again fails to get through to David. He hurts Emma when he announces he wants no one to go to court with him, saying to his family that no one can help him. Having heard that Aidan’s whereabouts are unknown, Toyah rings Eva to see if he’s with her. Johnny finds a note in the flat, warning the recipient not to go into the bathroom. He does so and lets out a cry of pure anguish. David says his goodbyes to the children. A passing Shona wishes him good luck. Johnny summons Carla. Gary wants David to plead not guilty, saying to Sarah that he needs help, not prison. Unable to stand the sight that greets her, Carla goes back outside as an ambulance arrives. David sees it as he meets Imran. Roy is told by Carla what has happened and is asked to fetch Kate from the bistro. Maria is there when he arrives and also hears the dreadful news. She rushes ahead of the others and collapses crying in David’s arms when she sees the ambulance outside the flat, blurting out what has happened to all in earshot. Shona overhears and sees Eva lurking nearby. She takes her into her flat. DI Newland takes charge and refuses to let a frantic Kate into the bathroom while the police conclude their investigation. Shona breaks the news to a disbelieving Eva. Being driven to court with Imran, David sees Josh working at the garage. Arriving at their destination, David loses his nerve and runs off when Imran is distracted by a traffic warden. Robert closes the bistro and sets off to tell Michelle who is on a business trip out of town. Kate refuses to believe DI Newland’s assertion that Aidan died by suicide and grows angry, lashing out while Johnny sits in a daze. Eva sobs desperately as she remembers better times, unable to understand how things have got as bad as they have. Shona is puzzled as she talks about Aidan “working things out” about the baby. In the Rovers, Toyah is also concerned by Eva’s reaction but can’t tell her family why. Imran tells Gail and Audrey about David’s disappearance. Eva realises the import of Aidan’s last words to her and how he was saying his goodbyes without her understanding his meaning. Gail rings Shona for help in finding David. She leaves Eva alone in the flat. Gail contemplates events as the factory staff, Summer, Adam, Liam, Sophie and Michelle have the dreadful news broken to them and begin to absorb the shock. The residents start to gather in the pub where Beth causes offence when she states her view that suicide is a selfish act and worries about the effect on their jobs. Shona finds David in Victoria Gardens. She is assuring him that it is okay to be scared when she is stopped in her tracks as David abruptly tells her that Josh raped him. Having ascertained where Eva is, Toyah comes round to see her, both feeling guilty for their part in events. David recounts the events of the night of the rape to a stunned Shona. She assures him that she believes his every word and he has her backing. Toyah starts to panic that she will lose Susie when Eva contemplate coming clean to the Connors that they have Aidan’s daughter. Realising how much the baby means to Toyah and Peter, she agrees to go back to Lymm, although she hasn’t a clue about what to do next. Aidan’s body is taken away to the mortuary as Johnny can barely hold things in. Eva tells Leanne and Peter that Eva is returning on the first available flight from the United States. An emotional Michelle rings Carla to find out what’s happening. They say that they love one another, their argument forgotten. A bitter Kate thinks she and her family will never be fine. Shona tells David that she will be with him every step of the way as he confesses that he came close to suicide and that he loves her so much.


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  • This was a one-hour episode with two separate production codes. It was always commissioned as two separate codes to be broadcast as a one-hour edition and was never intended to be broadcast as two episodes shown an hour apart. The broadcast time of the episode was 7.30pm.
  • The scenes of David Platt and Imran Habeeb arriving outside the court building was recorded on Church Street in Eccles. The court building itself is not seen and the building they stop outside is The Town Hall Hotel public house. The short scene of Billy Mayhew breaking the news of Aidan Connor's suicide to Summer Spellman outside Weatherfield High was recorded next to the children's play area at the MediaCity studios and not the usual location of the Oasis Academy in Salford.
  • Writer Jonathan Harvey won the Writers' Guild Award for Best Long Running TV series for his work on this episode on 14th January 2019 [1].
  • TV Times synopsis: Johnny makes an upsetting discovery; and David insists on attending court without his family. However, when bad news from the street reaches him, it leads him to have a heart-to-heart with Shona, where he finally reveals the truth about Josh's assault.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,555,000 viewers (2nd place).

Notable dialogue

Gail Rodwell: "Forty odd years I’ve lived on this street. That same view every day. Practically know every cobble back to front. I like to think we look out for each other around here. And without being nosy, know what’s going on in each other’s lives. But you don’t, do you? Not that I knew him that well, just to say hello to really. But he was always polite with me, which is more than you can say for some folk. I’d hoped I’d have listened, if you ever wanted to speak to me...not that he would’ve done. I wonder when he did it: when I was reading the kids a bedtime story? When I was getting ready for bed? When I was having some toast this morning? Or was I sleeping - safe here with the double glazing and the central heating, thinking, 'our problems are bigger than everybody else’s'? “Well, 'appen we’ve all been sleeping, mam. I can’t stop thinking about poor Johnny. His son's...not coming home tonight. I just hope to God mine is."

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