Peter is on cloud nine as he awaits Toyah's return from Tamworth with Susie. Jenny tells him to enjoy every second. Aidan gives Maria his credit card to take Summer shopping for her party outfit while he takes Liam for a kickabout. Jude sleeps on the sofa. Angie offers him an olive branch by helping him with his council application. Johnny confides in Liz that Jenny has been behaving strangely lately. She advises him to have it out with her. Adam recommends Angie to his clients to help out the Appletons. He's taken aback to learn that Angie was upfront about their kiss to Jude. A pessimistic Craig sets off for his police assessment. Beth thanks Bethany for being so supportive. Toyah comes across the photos of Eva and Susie and checks that Eva still wants to go through with their plan. Eva tells her she just didn't want to miss the opportunity to have the photos taken and offers to destroy them. Satisfied, Toyah takes Susie and sets off home. Eva breaks down after she leaves. Norris gives Mary permission to employ Jude at the Kabin. Jude turns her down at initially as he wants something better but under pressure from everyone he accepts. The Barlows gather at the Rovers to celebrate the birth of their latest member as well as Adam's thirtieth birthday. Toyah arrives with the baby and Peter holds her for the first time. He is instantly smitten and breaks out the champagne. Shona makes cracks about the age gap between David and Emma. David tells her it's going well but Bethany says it's not serious. Swept away by events, Peter asks Toyah to marry him. Toyah accepts. Simon is the only one who isn't happy for them. Johnny catches Jenny as she's going out and demands to know what she's keeping from him. She realises he suspects of her of cheating on him. Simon tells Leanne that Toyah is having an affair.


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