Toyah tells Peter that Jacqui is in the country visiting her mother. Peter is all set to come with her to Tamworth but she convinces him it's not necessary. Mary coaches Nigel Kipling and Selina James on their parts. Seth sees Jude setting off the fire alarm on the CCTV and threatens to report him. Jude quits his job before he's sacked. Sally invites Geoff over for tea. She makes out it's to get to know him but it's actually to dissuade him from dating Yasmeen. Tim asks Dev and Gina along. Beth increases Kirk's dog-walking fee to £5 and makes him take on David and Peanut too. In hospital, Eva has her picture taken with the baby, having previously turned the photographer away when Toyah was in the room. Nigel gets stage fright and says he can't help Jude. Jude thinks there's no point now that he's resigned but Mary convinces them to press on so that Angie understands why he can't work with Seth and Philippa. Summer asks to clean at the factory in exchange for £10 to buy an outfit for a party. Aidan tells her to come back tomorrow. Geoff brings Yasmeen along to the Metcalfes'. Yasmeen is fully aware that Sally doesn't want her there. Jude, Angie, Mary and the actors have dinner at No.3. Jude keeps the topic of conversation off marine biology. His plan backfires as Angie finds the pair delightful. Sally is bored as her dinner guests go on about football. Yasmeen makes a thinly-veiled dig at her effectiveness as Mayor. Eva and Toyah go to the registry office for the baby's birth certificate. Nigel is tongue-tied when Angie asks him to tell her about seahorses. He repeats a fact he read about shallow water cuttlefish. Brian arrives to talk to Jude about the council job and recognises the actors from their stage work. To keep up the charade, Jude explains that they're actors as well as marine biologists. Kirk stops a runaway dog, Chewy while walking Eccles, David and Peanut. The owner, Sharon Butterlee, is grateful and offers him £30 to train the dog. Angie asks Jude why he's applying for a job that's beneath him. He admits that he isn't a marine biologist.


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