Val gets Ken up to look after the twins while she goes to the January sales. Maggie hasn't slept all night and tells Betty about the divorce, asking her to keep it quiet from Len. Emily is fed up with looking after the ungrateful Ray and Dickie. She tells them they can fend for themselves and walks out. Albert is pleased that Bernard has learned well his coaching tips for dominoes. Ray and Dickie realise they need someone to replace Emily until Audrey returns and they cadge some fish and chips from Ken. Anita tells an enquiring Betty that her friendship with Len is her own business. Val tells a shocked Len that Maggie and Les are divorcing. Betty agrees to look in on Ray and Dickie though Cyril isn't entirely happy with the arrangement. Len gives Maggie a present of a picture. Ray bets Bernard £5 to dress up as a nurse and wheel him through the streets. Ray and Dickie don't like Betty's cooking and beg Emily to stay. She agrees to think about it. The darts and dominoes challenge begins and Albert pinches Anita's glasses in an attempt to sabotage The Flying Horse's team but he's caught out. Ken is annoyed when Val spends £12 in the sales until he takes a liking to a jumper she's bought him. Tommy Deakin also cheats in the dominoes match using wordplay with Ted Loftus. Maggie is furious to find out that Val told Len about the divorce and rows with her. Len plays badly in the darts and Tommy's cheating starts to pay off. Ken tells Val that the gossips say that Alan is returning tomorrow. Everyone is amazed as Ray manages to stand up from his wheelchair, albeit shakily, to play darts.


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