The intruder, Abi Franklin, is been knocked out cold by the blow. Emma Brooker finds Josh's social media page and laughs at a photo of him with David. Enraged, David storms out of the salon and picks a fight with Gary. Sarah stops Gary from retaliating. Kate tries to get Rana out of the house but she isn't ready to face the world yet. Summer is gutted when the UKSA turns her down for work experience. Gail collects Max and Lily from school following Andy's funeral and lends Roy a hand at the cafe when his dishwasher goes. Abi comes round and makes out to Eileen and Nicola that she came to see Seb. Finding the window cleaning money gone, they make her confess that she's homeless and came in this morning hoping to get a sleep while everyone was at work. She claims to have no knowledge of the abuse Eileen has suffered and Seb talks Eileen out of calling the police. Max and Lily see Shona arrive home and follow her up to the flat. They pretend that Gail knows where they are, despite the fact that David has expressly forbidden Gail from letting the kids see Shona. Abi and Alya gang up on Eileen in the street, accusing her of having blood on her hands. Eileen is upset by their words and seeks refuge in Victoria Gardens. Aidan cheers up Summer by offering to let her shadow Alya at the factory. David kicks off when he finds Shona with the kids and tells Gail she's not allowed to look after them any more. Abi changes her mind about Eileen and sorts out new tyres for her. She encourages Eileen to adopt a more positive outlook and focus on the good things in her life. Eileen can't get over the fact that Phelan's victims would still be alive if she'd listened to the warnings about him. The Platts are split on David's recent behaviour. Sarah thinks this is the real David but Gail is very worried. Aidan tells Kate she's hurt Sophie by not telling her about her and Rana herself. Eileen lets Abi sleep on Seb's bedroom floor for one night. A mystery person takes the spare key to No.11 from under the plant pot in the yard.


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