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Daniel creates a website for FAWN. Summer finds the back door to No.11 open when she awakes. Seb attributes it to a dodgy lock. Rana is in mourning for her parents. Sarah picks Gary up from hospital as they and Harry move into 8 Victoria Court. Jenny is annoyed when Johnny lets her down over the tickets to Spain again. Michelle decides to stick with Robert. Gail offers Eileen advice based on her experiences with Richard. She lets slip that people have been abusing Eileen on the campaign website and Eileen realises Summer has been shielding her from it. Eileen thinks Gail is saying she had it worse with Richard and sends her packing. Gail, Robert and Michelle attend Andy's funeral. Maria takes on apprentice Emma Brooker at the salon. David is irritated by her. Steve gives Sophie the idea of asking Zeedan for a job at Speed Daal. Eileen puts her car up for sale. A buyer upsets her by recognising her from TV and trying to take a selfie with her. Steve comes to her defence. She's deflated to find nails in her tyres. Someone lets themselves into No.11 through the back door. Aidan is concerned that Rana's parents will target Kate next and asks Zeedan to let him know if she's in danger. He believes that Rana should report them to the police for abduction but Rana just wants to move on. Sophie walks in and is crestfallen when Zeedan tells her that Kate and Rana are an item. Maria makes David delay his trip to the cash and carry to do Alya's hair for her date with Josh. David gets worked up when Maria and Jenny ask him to give Alya tips on what Josh looks for in a partner. Nicola suggests that someone is running a hate campaign against Eileen and is behind the open door, nails and online trolling. Eileen doesn't agree. Carla tells Michelle she's finished with Ali and wants to go back to how they were before. Michelle refuses and uninvites her to her wedding for good measure. Eileen and Nicola find the back door unlocked again and hear someone moving around upstairs. Eileen hits the intruder on the head with a frying pan.


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