Maggie returns from visiting Les in Birmingham but is coy about when he's returning. Ken is worried about the bills and has had enough of Albert living with them. Emily grows irritated at Dickie and Ray's table manners when she cooks breakfast for them. Betty refuses to return to work at the Rovers and gets at job at The Flying Horse. The residents start drinking there to avoid the new dress code though Albert insists he's supporting the Rovers in the darts challenge. Alan has gone to Leeds and Val wonders if Elsie's gone with him. Bernard gets Irma's address from Val. She is puzzled by his remark that Irma isn't enjoying Australia. Tommy Deakin and Ted Loftus prepare for the darts challenge on the side of The Flying Horse. Len takes a fancy to their barmaid Anita Reynolds. Tommy flatters Betty to put her on the darts team against the Rovers, much to Albert's annoyance. She decides to play for the Rovers out of loyalty. Albert also challenges The Flying Horse team to dominoes as well as darts. Maggie reveals to Val that Les is off the drink but is scared he'll start drinking again if he returns to her. She's agreed to a divorce and feels she can now go out with Len. Dickie and Emily try to persuade Ray to return to working for Len. Maggie buys herself a new coat to go to The Flying Horse. Albert coaches a confused Bernard on how to cheat at dominoes as he's decided he's on the Rovers team. Maggie is upset when she arrives at The Flying Horse and Len all but ignores her as he chats to Anita.


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Valerie Barlow: "There's more rumours than margarine spread round here."

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