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The Underworld staff celebrate their return to work with a breakfast in Roy's Rolls. Peter notices that Eva is putting on weight. She tells Toyah she's signed the lease for the cottage where she's going to have the baby. Toyah suggests they attend an antenatal class but notices how she looks at Aidan. At the hospital, Izzy takes out her anger over Gary on Sarah but quickly apologises. His condition hasn't changed. Alya is annoyed that Imran is acting for David after he spoiled Luke's charity event. Robert and Michelle have won a competition and ask Ali to join them to celebrate. He's reluctant until Carla says she's coming too. Aidan welcomes the workers back and announces that he's now the sole boss and promises not to let them down again. The new machines fail to work. David is sent to court for his hearing, pleading not guilty. The fault is traced to Beth's machine tripping the fuses. The staff are told they will have to work through their lunch to make up lost time on their urgent order. Gary regains consciousness and has no permanent brain damage. He suspects that David's motivation had nothing to do with him and tells Sarah he needs help. Geri Hanswick calls on Robert, having seen him box, and asks him to be a pin-up for her calendar business photo shoot. He's flattered and agrees. Eva tries to convince Toyah that she and Aidan are a thing of the past. Zeedan tells Ali he found a steroid syringe clearing up after the tournament and suspects David. Sean interrupts the workers with cakes. Aidan asks him to leave so that work isn't stopped. David is released on bail. At the antenatal class Eva struggles when the midwife talks about the importance of the father's involvement. Carla brings Aidan a bottle of whisky for his desk drawer. He's pleased that the first day is going well. Michelle and Carla are amused as Robert's shoot takes place. Carla tells Michelle that the company involved is a cancer charity and Michelle is concerned how Robert will react when he finds out. David denies to Ali that he's on steroids. Eva confesses to Toyah that she feels guilty that Aidan will never know or hold his daughter. Realising that she still loves Aidan, Toyah frees her of her promise and tells her that the deal's off.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Eva struggles with the prospect of giving up her baby; Ali speculates about the cause of David's outburst; and Robert becomes a calendar pin-up.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,022,000 viewers (2nd place).
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