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Roy explains to Peter and Leanne that although the gang were hooded, he recognised Simon's multi-coloured wristband. He threatens to inform the police if Simon doesn't hand himself in. Audrey is taken in for X-rays. Carla is eager to open the factory as soon as possible as they have orders lined up. David dismisses Josh's concern for him and tells Martin that he's no friend of his. David thinks Martin doesn't want him to go to New Zealand and accuses him of turning his back on him again. He sticks to his guns even after Max and Lily say they want to stay in Weatherfield. Summer wants to work at the factory to help Billy and is pleased when Aidan tells her that she's too clever. Henry Newton arrives at the Rovers with a photographer. Peter demands the truth from Simon. Turning on the tears, the lad admits that he was with the gang but insists that it wasn't him who mugged Audrey. Ken is persuaded to smooth things over with Audrey but makes his disapproval clear. Martin assures David that he's welcome to come to New Zealand once he's more established. He asks if he's running away from something. David makes out that he can't bear living in the place where Kylie was murdered. He refuses to say goodbye to Martin. All of the factory staff except Eva and Sean agree to return. Gail tells Rosemary she can't see her any more as she's dredging up painful memories. Leanne is horrified to see Oliver's face and Toyah accuses Tracy of trying to sabotage the photo to get back at them for not letting Amy participate. Eva saves the day by applying make-up to Oliver to give him a tiger face. Henry loves it. Audrey forgives Simon when he apologises. She believes that Simon was led astray and persuades Roy to leave the police out of it. Phelan closes his bank accounts. Simon brags to his friend that he's got off with it. Martin says his goodbyes and is delighted when David sees him off, although he announces that he isn't coming to New Zealand after all. David confronts Josh for talking to his dad, but the lad just tells him to get over what happened.


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Tracy Barlow: "Let's face facts Leanne, Les Battersby's grandson isn't exactly going to end up on University Challenge, is 'e?"

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