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David wakes up with a start from a fitful night's sleep on Martin's settee. Martin can see something is wrong with his son, but David won't open up to him. He's puzzled to see that he's also grumpy with the children when they ask if they can go out. At No.13, Ruby refuses to come down for breakfast, still upset that Tyrone smacked her. Hope blurts out what Tyrone did in front of Shona and Audrey in the cafe. After his night with Carla, Ali sneaks out of the cafe flat, pretending he's been visiting her on a medical matter. Ruby refuses to let Tyrone take her to school and Gemma steps in to take her instead. Chesney confides in Brian about Hope, but swears him to silence. Rosemary summons Gail to another meeting, in a panic that Richard has been giving other messages that could spell trouble for her family, but she will have to charge for all the sessions. Brian observes what's going on from across the bistro. Sally invites an amused Michelle and Carla to see her new wallpaper. Michelle thinks it's familiar. Martin tells David that it's obvious that something is wrong with him and, seeing him almost on the verge of tears, promises that he can help sort it out. He thinks it's his move to New Zealand that is angering David and extols its virtues. David is suddenly interested. Sally's tea with Carla and Michelle is interrupted when Tim and Gina come in. She is humiliated when Gina recognises her wallpaper as being the same one at the cafe in Freshco. Following a training session, Ali questions Robert as to how close Carla and Michelle are. Fiz is furious when Chesney admits he confided in Brian. David returns home and apologises to Shona for his behaviour, but shocks her when he says they should follow Martin to New Zealand. Tyrone and Chesney argue when Chesney angrily interrupts him thanking Gemma for helping him with Ruby. David makes it clear to his family that he doesn't care about their issues with him moving. When Robert reports to Michelle that Ali is warming to her and Carla has been helping, Michelle thanks her for her help, making her feel guilty. Fiz drags a protesting Hope to see Dr Gaddas. Shona tries to talk to David about his plans. He makes it clear that if she doesn't want to move because of the distance it will put her from Clayton, then she doesn't have to, but he will be going regardless.


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