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A happy Sean returns home after stopping out overnight with his date, who is also going to be his new boss. Tyrone can't find his wallet and is angry with Ruby when Hope tells him that she hid it. David is distant with his family as they plan Harry's second birthday party. Josh has leaflets printed for the boxing tournament and asks David for help delivering them. He gets a curt refusal. Sally wants to decorate and demands Italian fresco wallpaper at £47 a roll. Audrey asks Gail to go shopping with her but she refuses, not telling her she is meeting Rosemary. Michelle and Carla go over the wedding plans but Michelle won't talk about Ali not being there. A guilty Fiz confides in Chesney that it is Hope who is doing all the naughty things but she hasn't told Tyrone. Tim is bored with shopping unsuccessfully for Sally's wallpaper and they row. When Kirk finds out from Tim what she wants, he says he can help obtain some from a friend. As Maria cuts Sean's hair, he goes on about his love life, annoying David who rudely tells him they don't want to know about it. Maria is surprised at his attitude. Fiz is scared that Hope will be labelled but Chesney encourages her to be honest with Tyrone. Michelle confides in Carla that Ali's attitude hurts her. Carla offers to mediate with him. When Shona tells Eva that David is distant with her and seems to prefer Josh's company, Eva encourages her to get physical with him. Hope reminds Fiz that she promised she wouldn't tell Tyrone that she's been naughty. Kirk gets the wallpaper for Tim. Gail meets Rosemary and tells her that she's interested in what Richard has to say. Tyrone buys Fiz flowers. She wants to tell him about Hope but the girls interrupt and then water starts to drip through the ceiling. He rushes upstairs to see what the problem is. Alone in the house, Shona kisses David on the back of his neck. He pushes her against a wall and kisses her hungrily back. Tyrone finds play dough in the bathroom sink and blames Ruby. When she angrily blames Hope, Tyrone smacks her as a horrified Fiz watches on.


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