A passing Rita rushes into the kebab shop and tries to reason with Fiz who is furious to find out that she also knew what had happened. Gemma retaliates when Fiz starts pelting her with cans. Billy refuses Adam's help, admitting to being involved in Susan's death. Adam likewise confesses that he knew all along and purposely got him hooked on drugs but is now going to help him. The women's fight breaks out on to Victoria Street but Kevin and Tyrone intervene and break it up. David and Josh wrestle the owner of the car while Sophie rings the police. Rosemary gets in touch with Brian and Ivy but insists to Audrey that the messages can only be given to Gail. Billy is let go when Adam tells the police that he was visiting the drugs den that was raided purely in his vocational capacity. Billy asks Peter and Adam for money but they refuse. Fiz confides in Cathy that Hope has had the all clear on her regular cancer results and she's upset that she's not celebrating with Tyrone. She's not even sure she's going to tell him. Peter and Adam bring Billy back to No.11 and leave him in Phelan's care. He turns nasty with Billy in a show of tough love. Eileen arrives with Summer and Bishop John Thornber and they tell a tearful Billy they have arranged for him to stay at a Christian rehabilitation centre. Gemma gets a cold reception from Eva and Leanne when she goes into the Rovers and Cathy takes her home before things escalate. Alya is grateful to Josh and David after the police have taken the man in for questioning. Eva meets Adam in the Rovers and tells him there's definitely no future for them. Fiz texts Tyrone with the cancer results and he feels guilty that he totally forgot about the tests. The man confesses to the police that he did vandalise the garage but he has an alibi for Luke's murder. Shona thinks there is chemistry between Josh and Alya and that David is jealous. He laughs it off however he is unsure of Josh's tone when he says that that the two of them are going to have lots more adventures. Gail declares Rosemary is a con-artist and Audrey is determined to prove her wrong, even when Gail begs her mother not to see the clairvoyant again.


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Audrey Roberts (to Rosemary Piper): "Is it Ivy Tilsley? Well has Ivy got a message? Mind you, I'd be surprised if she hadn't. She had enough to say for herself when she was alive."

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