Skipping school, Summer and Amy set off to find Billy. After spending the night at No.13, Tyrone seeks Kevin's advice as to how to put things right with Fiz. Two doors down, Fiz asks Sean's advice but he is unable to offer anything but his support. Chesney calls round and his tearful sister brings him up to speed with events. Peter speaks to Adam who is in Birmingham and tells him to stay there out of the way. He sets out to help with the search for Billy, puzzling Eva as to why he cares. Gail is impressed with Shona's parenting skills with Lily. Audrey puts Ken off having a haircut that afternoon, saying she's fully booked. Alya is upset when she sees Josh using Luke's tea mug in the garage. David joins Josh, Alya and Sophie in finding a suitable gym for the boxing tournament. Gail tells Audrey she's a fool for seeing Rosemary Piper. Chesney berates Gemma for her actions and personal disloyalty to him. Billy is put into the cells after being arrested by the police. Approaching St Lucius Hostel, a homeless man helps Amy and Summer after claiming to know Billy and being offered £20 by the girls. Chesney sacks Gemma. The man leads the girls to a derelict spot and demands all their money and mobile phones. Peter is searching the hostels, sees them and rescues them. Billy rings at that moment and tells them where he is. Rosemary begins her consultation and is accurate with her "messages" from Alf. Peter brings the girls back to No.1 and he and Ken determine to help Billy. Audrey's consultation ends with messages for Gail from more than one of her husbands. Outside the gym, Alya spots the car that was used in the attack on the garage by the Parker Brothers. Chesney summons Fiz to the kebab shop and tells her that Gemma is sacked. Fiz starts to throw food at the girl. Adam arrives at the police station and tells them that he is Billy's solicitor.


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  • A policeman is uncredited although he has a line of dialogue.
  • The scene outside St Lucius Hostel was recorded on Dale Street in Manchester, with a prop road sign stating "Crester Road". The derelict spot was at the back of the same building.
  • TV Times synopsis: Summer and Amy's search for Billy lead them into danger; Chesney learns of Tyrone's fling; and Rosemary passes Audrey a message from the other side.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,073,000 viewers (2nd place).
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