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Ivan's naturalisation papers come through and Linda asks Elsie what she thinks of her surname as she's thinking of changing it. Elsie can't rouse Dennis, not knowing he and Jed are stranded in Glossop. Jed rings a friend for a lift back but he puts the phone down on him. Elsie frets when she realises that Dennis's bed hasn't been slept in. Mr. Wentworth asks Ken to deal with Jim Schofield who has an absentee problem and to suspend him if he has no good excuses. Dennis arrives home to a furious rant from his mother which is cut off when Bill walks in. Jim tells Ken he suffers from chronic migraines. Ken confronts him with accusations he turns up late for his shifts but is told that he and the other lads have an agreement between themselves for making up lost time. Dennis and Linda grow weary as Elsie shows all the signs of being in love. Ena tells Fred Jackson that Minnie will not see Christmas following her accident. A furious Mr. Wentworth demands that Schofield be recalled to the office. Jed boasts to Doreen until he realises that he's dropped himself in it by not taking Jean. Ena pushes Christine to get a reply from her landlord about Minnie's compensation. Ena and Martha insist that Minnie is losing her mind and bully her when she won't agree with them. Mr. Wentworth points out to Schofield that his migraines are always on a Monday, and probably linked to Sunday night drinking, threatening to call his doctor. He suspends him. Ken hates what he's done. Elsie and Bill have enjoyed a day out in the country beyond Chester prior to going to the cinema. Annie asks Florrie to get in cheese straws and stuffed olives for bar snacks and is annoyed when a listening Elsie laughs at her. As Elsie walks out of the shop, Annie slags off her relationship with Bill. Elsie overhears and is hurt.


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