Kate and Carla are surprised to see Zeedan chasing after a furious Leanne. The girls are over-excited at Fiz's return. She is pleased at how tidy Sean has been keeping the house. Tyrone hides from her the problems he's been having with Ruby. Kate and Carla follow Leanne to the Rovers and speculate as to what happened. Zeedan follows and asks for a word in the back room. Kate resolves that Rana should know that something is going on. Zeedan opens up to Leanne about the pressures he's under. She advises him to speak to Rana before he goes under. Eileen brings Summer into the bistro for a treat. Peter and Toyah are there and Peter sees how down Summer is. Kate visits Rana and tells her what she saw. Rana confesses her that her reconciliation is a sham and purely a financial arrangement. Tim refuses to go to Eileen's party. He and Sally tell Sophie to think again about moving in with Kate and she tells them what really happened. An upset Beth helps Craig move into the flat. Toyah notices that Peter is down and he admits that it's about Summer. Kate and Rana have a heart-to-heart and declare their love for each other. Zeedan walks in and finds them kissing. He tells Kate to leave but Rana tells him they are going to be together and if he puts up objections she will walk out of their arrangement. Peter tells a shocked Toyah everything that has happened with Billy. She's heartbroken that he's faced this on his own and he tells her their forthcoming baby is what keeps him going. Phelan asks Eva to help him set up a "Friends Connect" account in order to trace Lee and thus Billy. Mona Beattie turns up with a pile of paperwork for him. Fiz is surprised and contemptuous at the change in Tyrone's diet and lifestyle in preparation of the boxing tournament. Sophie wants to do something better with her life. Sally asks her to invite Kate to their house for dinner. Beth finds it hard saying goodbye to Craig who immediately starts switching off the plugs. Phelan is shocked when Mona tells him that they've started draining the millpond and it will be empty in a couple of days.


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