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David and Josh take Lee into the garage, locking the door behind them. Gary thanks Sarah for acting so quickly with Nicola. She tells him that Nicola was sticking up for him when it happened. Summer uses Todd's grandad's pocket watch in her history assignment as an item of sentimental value. Over a beer, Jenny confides in Kevin that she feels like an outsider among the Connors. Liam covers for Craig and tells Maria that he was sent home from holiday club for fighting. David gives Lee a kicking. Frightened out of his wits, Lee promises never to return to the area. Josh threatens to whack him with a tyre iron before letting him go. Zeedan goes along to Alya's flat for his sister's sake. As they wait for news, Phelan accuses Gary of coercing Nicola. Nicola comes out of the operating theatre. With her and the baby out of danger, Phelan drops his act and reveals to Nicola that he knows she's harbouring Seb at her flat, and it was he who called the police. Continuing to plead innocence, he offers to forgive her if she'll admit she got it wrong and that Gary and Seb manipulated her. When Nicola stands by her co-conspirators, Phelan tells her that he never wants to see her again. Amy reads Summer's essay and points out that she's only finished one out of six parts - she was off when the assignment was handed out. Kevin can't get a word in as Jenny goes through her problems but she feels more upbeat after their conversation. Summer destroys the flash drive containing her essay. Zeedan plays happy families with Rana around Alya but struggles to bottle up his anger when Kate takes Sophie into her bedroom. David thinks he went too far with Lee. Phelan tells Eileen that Nicola has betrayed him and she and Gary can go to hell.


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