Lee revels in the fact that saint Billy has come to him for help. He notes the irony of Billy disowning him over his drug addiction only to end up in the same predicament himself. A quivering Billy apologises profusely for the way he's treated him. Lee makes him sweat before selling him a bottle of methadone for £40. As they wait for news of Aidan and Carla, Johnny admits to Roy that he still doesn't understand Carla. Josh offers Shona a free training session with him. Shona tries to match-make by suggesting Maria instead but Maria doesn't take the bait. Bethany decides to make a go of it at the salon. Craig is pleased. Michelle demands to know why Liz didn't tell her that Ali was about. Liz admits Ali insisted. Peter drives Tracy to the hospital to deliver gifts and balloons to Aidan and Carla as her van is on the blink. Michelle has an appointment with Ali to check her stitches. She's hurt when he carries on treating her as just a patient but does learn that he's on a four-month placement. Johnny tells Roy he's jealous of his relationship with Carla. The Connors breathe a sight of relief when Aidan's operation goes smoothly. Eileen finds an upbeat Billy at the church. Tracy and Peter arrive at the hospital and see a nurse speaking to Roy. Roy's miserable expression causes Tracy to jump to the conclusion that Carla didn't make it but Roy tells them that the surgery went perfectly. Eileen takes Billy home. He apologises to Summer for freaking him out. Summer decides to move back home as Billy seems better. Josh realises that Shona is trying to set him up with Maria. Liz asks Ali to cut Michelle some slack. Aidan puts on a show of strength after waking from his operation before crying in private. Carla is back to her usual self and announces that she's selling the house in Devon and remaining in Weatherfield.


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