Aidan is remarkably calm as he goes into hospital for the operation. Eileen refuses to leave Billy on his own until he's through his withdrawal period. Michelle begins to feel optimistic about Ali and hopes that working in Weatherfield is his way of reaching out to her. Liam switches all the sockets off at the salon flat for Craig but the lad goes through his morning ritual regardless. Aidan and Carla sign the consent forms before going into the operating theatre. Aidan is offered the chance to back out without anyone knowing that it was his choice. He declines the offer. Ali invites Steve out to the Rovers for a drink and catch-up. Eileen is called into work and locks Billy inside the flat as a precaution. Summer lets herself in and is shocked by how ill he looks. Roy plays Scrabble with Carla prior to her operation. Carla is annoyed when Johnny tries to get Roy to leave, thinking he's boring her. The surgeons finish on Aidan and Carla is taken in. Summer thinks Billy is dying. Billy asks her to fetch Eileen but by the time she returns with her Billy has disappeared. Audrey invites Bethany to continue her apprenticeship at the salon. Liz changes her shift at the medical centre so she can spy on Steve and Ali at the Rovers. Steve tells Ali how he messed things up with Michelle. Michelle and Robert arrive and see them laughing together. Steve invites the couple to join them but Ali makes an excuse and a gutted Michelle leaves. Billy meets with his brother Lee outside St. Mary's Church and begs for something to take his pain away.


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