Michelle is almost dumb-struck as Ali reluctantly agrees to see her. Craig covers for himself when Maria returns to the flat but once she has gone he returns to obsessively checking the cooker. Ali refuses to answer personal questions as he stitches Michelle's wound. She is hurt when he gets Dr Gaddas to take over her treatment from him. Bethany returns home, upset that she's been stood up and thinking it's her fault. Billy asks Eva to organise Summer to stay with Eileen for the night as his withdrawal pains continue. Eva feeds him herbal remedies. Sinead visits Carla and is told that Daniel still loves her. She hands her a present she's bought her. Craig calls on Bethany and apologises for not meeting her but he can't tell her why he didn't turn up. Thinking her recent experiences are the cause of the trouble and are unduly stressing him, she finishes with him. David bores Shona when he tells her he wants her to join him in not drinking alcohol as per Josh's advice. Back at their flat, Michelle is hurt by Ali's cold attitude towards her. Robert tells her not to let the matter go but to keep trying to get through to him. At the same time, Liz implores Ali to visit his mother but he refuses to discuss the matter further. Tyrone shrugs off the jokes that come his way about his and Sean's meal. Sinead visits Daniel wearing Carla's present - a red silk basque. She asks for another chance and he is pleased to oblige as they fall kissing onto the sofa. A nervous Craig babysits Liam. After having sex, Daniel is surprised to hear that Carla was behind their reconciliation but is nevertheless pleased at her actions. Billy is shivering with cold. He asks that Eileen and Eva keep Summer away while he goes through his withdrawal. Michelle tells Robert how she lost contact with Ali. Robert insists she returns to the medical centre tomorrow and talk to him. She starts to cry.


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