Sarah tells Audrey and Bethany that she and Aidan just didn't click on their date. Bethany reluctantly admits she still likes Craig while the lad himself meets up with Jess in the cafe who tells him that covering up for his wrong-doing at Tassels is the start of the slippery slope of police corruption. Summer has gone to school, having been told that Billy has flu. He tries to put on a front with Eileen but he is suffering badly from his withdrawal symptoms. Robert and Michelle visit Carla in hospital and tell her the news of her engagement. From her bed, she instantly organises a lunch for the rest of the Connors at the bistro to celebrate. Craig's OCD starts to get to him as he gets ready for his lunch with Bethany. Daniel visits Carla. She gets an admission from him that he still has feelings for Sinead. Ali asks Liz not to mention his presence to Michelle. Imran mentions to Eva that Adam has done a runner, taking a last-minute holiday in Tenerife. Shona and Audrey are amused at David's low-carb diet that he's on as part of his fitness regime. Liz admits to Audrey that she doesn't know what to do about Michelle and Ali. The Connors, minus Carla, gather in the bistro and toast the happy couple. Bethany waits for Craig at another table but back in the flat his worsening OCD means he can't leave until all is in order and he can't even answer her texts after he goes through his rituals of checking switches and other things. Liz goes to the bistro to tell Michelle about Ali. Eva finds Billy in a bad state when she comes to look after him. Before Liz can say anything, Michelle cuts her hand badly. Shona finds David drinking cranberry juice with Josh in the Rovers and laughs that he's getting weird. Carla passes a message on to Sinead through Maria that she wants to see her. Liam finds a panicking Craig going through his rituals and promises not to say anything. Robert takes Michelle to the medical centre. Before Liz can say anything, Ali comes out of his room and is rude and brusque with the newly-arrived patient when he sees who it is. Robert demands an explanation and a stunned Michelle introduces him to her biological son.


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