In the public, Toyah is on pins wondering what's going on in the back room. Eva has no choice but to tell Adam that she doesn't want him to come with her. Sean is excited that a man is interested on going on a date with him, but he hasn't received any texts or phone calls from him. Eva tries to find sensible excuses as to why Adam can't come and she reluctantly says they should cool things. Toyah finds her in tears. Sally calls Rosie and Sophie home and tell them about their plan to move. Neither wants to come with them, Rosie because of her job and Sophie because she wants to branch out on her own. Adam tells Eva they're finished, leaving her devastated. Bethany gets a call from Lulu telling her she's fired as someone reported her working there to the police. Billy steals Izzy's painkillers from her bag in the cafe. Phelan is shocked when Bob Roe and Mona Beattie tell Phelan that the extra flats are being built on the site of the millpond and Gary, also working on the site, observes his consternation. Bethany drags out of Craig the story of what happened and blames him for her job loss. When she tries to walk away from him in the cafe, he accidentally pulls at her shopping bags and reveals to Roy and all the customers new skimpy underwear she has bought for her job. Peter advises Eva to make things up with Adam. She agrees and goes round to the flat. Toyah hides her dismay at Peter's actions. Eva is shocked to find Adam has already moved on and has a girl in his bedroom. She walks out. Gary tells Nicola that he saw Phelan looking concerned about something but he couldn't hear what. Izzy finds that her pills are missing. Sean is puzzled that texts and messages are missing from his phone. Hope says Ruby did it. She denies doing anything but Tyrone doesn't believe her. Toyah is about to tell Peter everything when Eva returns, saying she and Adam are definitely finished. She reluctantly agrees to continue with their plan. Mona summons Phelan to the mill and overrides his protests that the pond should be drained, saying she wants it done within six weeks.


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