Yasmeen and Alya return unexpectedly. Zeedan doesn't say anything about his bust-up with Rana. Johnny advises Carla to give the Barlows a wide berth. Dev and Sally collect Gina from the police station after she's caught stealing a box of fish fingers from a supermarket. Carla and Daniel find themselves kissing again. David spars with Josh to practice for the tournament. Hugo Crowhurst annoys Henry by being rude to Gemma. Chesney listens to the men's conversation and discovers that they've bet each other £5,000 that they can keep their girlfriend fooled longer. Zeedan tells Rana about Hassan's offer and that he plans to accept it; he has nothing to lose. Chesney lets Gemma know she's being conned. She downs a shot before confronting Henry, who is in the midst of demanding an apology from Hugo for his comments about Gemma. Gemma dumps her lunch over Henry's head, throwing in Johnny and Jenny's meals for good measure, before announcing that she's going into town to find herself a real man. Henry is gutted as he'd fallen for her. Rana is disgusted when Imran advises her to go along with Zeedan's plan as she'll get a bigger payoff in the divorce. Daniel takes Carla out to the bistro. Tracy tells them they're making fools of themselves. Carla has a glass of wine, much to Kate's disapproval. She collapses after drinking it. Dev promises Sally that he'll look after Gina. David asks Josh to train him. Gemma deletes her photos of Henry from her phone while holding back the tears. Rana decides to give in to Zeedan, feeling that she owes it to him.


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